PHP Full Stack Developer 100% remote

We’re currently looking for programmers residing in Madeira, who are able to work from home, to join our team on a full-time (preferably) or part-time schedule.

Our current requirement is Full Stack development on a PHP + MySQL/MariaDB based back-end, with some Python in the mix. We expect you to know your way around key concepts such as caching, encryption, debugging & profiling, version control (git), efficient data storage & retrieval, scalability, etc.

Ideally, you’ll be able to manage your workload on your own with minimal to no supervision.

Also, fluency in written and spoken English is mandatory.

We don’t care much about your academic accolades. We do care on how well you’re able to do your job. This has nothing to do with working long hours/weekends, but rather how good is the end result of your work and how well you integrate with your team and communicate with other departments.

This is not an offer for temporary work, your contract will be active for as long as both parties are enjoying working together. Benefits will increase proportionally with the age of your contract and for added responsibilities.

Finally, we do not pay what most companies call “competitive” salaries, we pay always well above average, right from the start. Please note that you need to be able to invoice us for your work, as our company’s HQ is in the EU, but not in Portugal.

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